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Hello, I’m Brooke Boltz—first and foremost, a dedicated wife and proud mother of two wonderful daughters and a son. By profession, I am an accomplished attorney and founder of Boltz Legal, navigating the intricate world of law. Beyond this role, I’m thrilled to be the host of the Ms. Biz Podcast, where I channel my passion for assisting business owners in their journey to success.

Through the podcast, I have the INCREDIBLE opportunity to share valuable insights and strategies, helping entrepreneurs worldwide take their ventures to the next level. Balancing family life and a thriving career, I strive to embody the values of success, resilience, and the pursuit of fulfilling dreams.

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I’m Brooke Boltz—an individual fueled by the intricate dance of life, wearing many significant hats. At the core of my identity, I cherish being a loving wife and nurturing mother to two beautiful boys. Their presence in my life is a constant reminder of purpose and joy, steering me through the ebbs and flows of the journey we call family.

Professionally, I’ve found my stride in the demanding yet rewarding field of law. As an attorney, I’ve weathered the complexities of legal landscapes, embracing the challenges and learning along the way. The law has always fascinated me—it’s a realm where justice, logic, and human dynamics intersect. With each case and every legal matter I tackle, my commitment to understanding and delivering justice only grows stronger.

In parallel to my legal endeavors, I’ve ventured into the vibrant world of entrepreneurship. This realm has a unique allure, fueled by innovation, resilience, and the desire to create and inspire. As a business owner myself, I’ve faced both triumphs and trials, experiencing firsthand the rollercoaster journey it entails. Through the highs and lows, I’ve cultivated a profound empathy for fellow entrepreneurs, understanding their dreams, challenges, and aspirations.

This deep-seated understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape led me to take on a new mantle—that of a podcast host. As the face behind the Ms. Biz Podcast, I’m privileged to engage with remarkable business owners from around the globe. This platform allows me to channel my passion for guiding others in their entrepreneurial quests. From growth strategies to spiritual enrichment, business coaching to effective marketing—every episode is crafted with the intent to empower and uplift, drawing upon both my professional expertise and personal experiences.

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